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Alpen­gasthof Ammererhof

There is a place, where cel­lu­lars whether find a ser­vice nor get any inter­net connection.

There is a place, where you can expe­ri­ence a night sky with­out light pollution. 

There is a place, where you are sur­round­ed by three-thou­sanders at the south­ern end of the Rau­ris Val­ley in the unique nation­al park Hohe Tauern. 

There is a place, where it feels like com­ing home.

That place is called Alpen­gasthof Ammererhof“.




Ammererhof / Christian Mimler

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Digital Products & Services, E-Commerce

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Times change – also at 1,630 meters above sea level

Your cel­lu­lar might not have inter­net con­nec­tion at 1,630 meters above sea lev­el – but if it luck­i­ly has, you will be able to browse Ammererhof’s brand new web­site fast and smooth­ly. Of course on every device.

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The brand-new web­site as the most impor­tant infor­ma­tion and sales chan­nel of the Alpen­gasthof Ammererhof

A par­a­disi­ac and unique loca­tion for beau­ti­ful hikes and extra­or­di­nary moun­tain tours, an unusu­al accom­mo­da­tion con­cept as well as charm­ing rooms and apart­ments are the website’s core mes­sage. Expe­ri­enc­ing all this is easy as pie — just send a mes­sage via the sim­ple book­ing request form to get in con­tact with the warm-heart­ed hosts.



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Stefan Prosch

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Christian Mimler