Title Salzach Jet

How to catch the fastest man on the river!

Calm Wer­fen in the Ten­nen Moun­tains. There is a motor­way here, but only one per­son could real­ly put the ped­al to the met­al with impuni­ty. That per­son is the jet boat pilot Don Landl who gives his pas­sen­gers a ver­i­ta­ble adren­a­lin rush with his high speed dri­ves on the riv­er Salzach.




Red Bull

Project Type

E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding

Don Landl
Don Landl The jet boat pilot — © Stefan Voitl
Jet Boat
The jet boat Maximum speed! — © Stefan Voitl

The idea

These dri­ves are pri­mar­i­ly about one thing: max­i­mum speed! Per­haps a lit­tle to fast for Salzburg — for speed cam­eras are now also installed on the riv­er Salzach. Of course, the first speed cam­era for boats main­ly serves the pur­pose of mak­ing new cus­tomers come on board.

How it works

From 0 to 300 in one season

The speed cam­era is acti­vat­ed trough a motion sen­sor and trans­fers the pho­tos direct­ly to the face­book page via the mobile net­work. This pro­vides the co-pilots with a very spe­cial kind of group pho­to which can be tagged, shared and liked.



Ephim Grosman, Stefan Prosch

Art Direction

Ephim Grosman, Matthias Mellitzer

Creative Direction

Stefan Prosch

Speedtrap Production

Ephim Grosman, Chris Pohl

Frontend & Backend Development

Thomas Raithel

Project Management

Stefanie Daubek