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RB Leipzig

Advanc­ing to the third high­est league in Ger­man foot­ball marked the start­ing point for the Red Bulls in pro­fes­sion­al foot­ball — and for Red Bull Cre­ative, it was a wel­come oppor­tu­ni­ty to also take the web site of the Red Bulls to a dif­fer­ent league. Set­tling for the lit­tle things sim­ply would not do the team’s per­for­mance jus­tice. Com­plete­ly upgrad­ed in terms of con­tent and design, a reduced and yet mod­ern graph­i­cal inter­face, the web site allows for intu­itive use on all devices — on the PC at home or on the smart phone or tablet at the Red Bull Arena.


2012 – 2017


RB Leipzig

Project Type

Website, Stadium Experience

RB Leipzig Website

A unique view on the match

In order to achieve this goal, the usu­al dis­play of tables, sta­tis­tics and match devel­op­ment were crit­i­cal­ly ques­tioned which cul­mi­nat­ed in the cre­ation of inno­v­a­tive and unique solu­tions. Apart from the lat­est news, the site offers fans of the Red Bulls inter­est­ing facts on the team, the young play­ers and the club — as well as a unique way of dis­play­ing team and match relat­ed data. The inte­gra­tion of live sta­tis­tics on the match­es and oppo­nent as well as unique inter­face ele­ments which have been trans­ferred on-line from the sta­di­um, make vis­it­ing the site an extra­or­di­nary and emo­tion­al expe­ri­ence — almost like vis­it­ing the sta­di­um itself.

Pro­vid­ing ben­e­fit — for the whole league

It might sound odd, but back then RB Leipzig was the most hat­ed club of the coun­try for sure. Nev­er­the­less, the fan com­mu­ni­ty got larg­er and soon the new­ly relaunched web site was vis­it­ed by a grow­ing num­ber of unique vis­i­tors. It was not enough to just hav­ing the fans on our site — we want­ed to have the haters as well. To achieve this goal we have bro­ken new ground: Hav­ing in mind, that there was no decent web por­tal that rep­re­sent­ed well the third high­est league in Ger­many, we came up with the idea to dis­play results, sched­ules and sta­tis­tics of every sin­gle team of the league. We gave an addi­tion­al ben­e­fit by com­par­ing teams before, dur­ing and after the match and it worked out: with­in a short peri­od of time we count­ed over 1.5 mil­lion unique vis­i­tors per month on our website.

RB Leipzig Website Mobile Experience

Are­na Experience

Before start­ing into the new sea­son of 201516 the Red Bull Are­na got a huge upgrade. Two gigan­tic video­screens were installed in the sta­di­um. There had some­thing to be hap­pen on the sur­faces of over 70 square meters each. We came up with a sim­ple and clean but time­less solu­tion which was total­ly unseen in a foot­ball sta­di­um with­in the pre­mier ger­man foot­ball league. 

Let’s play Cham­pi­ons League

The time was just right for doing a relaunch when RB Leipzig was advanc­ing to the pre­mier ger­man league and fin­ish­ing their first sea­son on an incred­i­ble sec­ond place. It opened a whole new chap­ter – the team was qual­i­fied to play Cham­pi­ons League.

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Shortlist (Web Sports)

Shortlist (Web Sports)


Backend Development

eXa Online


Stefan Prosch, Matthias Mellitzer, David Hellmann, Roland Czybulinsky

Frontend Development

David Hellmann, Stefan Prosch, eXa Online

Motion Design

Roland Czybulinsky


Stefan Prosch, Matthias Mellitzer, David Hellmann, Roland Czybulinsky

Projekt Management

RB Leipzig, Red Bull Creative


Rasmus Kaessmann