Title Roland Trettl

Roland Tret­tl

The charis­mat­ic top chef Roland Tret­tl looks back on meet­ing more than 120 guest chefs and 10 years as the chef at Salzburg’s Ikarus restau­rant. Now, it is time for Roland to tread new paths. Which paths that will be is still a mys­tery, even to himself.




Roland Trettl

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Personal Branding

Roland Trettl Website

The idea

Design­ing his web site posed a great chal­lenge, it was not only to fea­ture his biog­ra­phy and cur­rent projects but also pro­vide space for a myr­i­ad of sto­ries involv­ing top chefs from all over the world.

Roland Trettl Timeline
Roland Trettl Story
Roland Trettl Recipe

The result

The result is a unique jour­ney into Roland’s past and present. 

You can deter­mine what his future will bring!


Shortlist (Web Personal Websites & Blogs)

Shortlist (Web Personal Websites & Blogs)



Stefan Prosch

Art & Creative Direction

Stefan Prosch

Frontend & Backend Development

Martin Anderle


Helge Kirchberger