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What do Andreas Ulmer and I have in com­mon? We do not only share our pas­sion for run­ning, but also let the same hair­dress­er cut our hair. But that’s a dif­fer­ent story.




Andreas Ulmer

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Personal Branding

Andreas Ulmer wears the 17

The mis­sion was to devel­op an iden­ti­ty for a world-class soc­cer play­er and a down-to-earth guy. The result was a melt of his name and his jer­sey num­ber in a smart way. Fur­ther­more it’s more than that – it’s a new approach to logo design. Andreas Ulmer’s brand-new logo adapts seam­less­ly to var­i­ous screensizes.

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Per­son­al Website

Of course, Andreas Ulmer is not only a great soc­cer play­er, but also a pub­lic fig­ure. Take a look at his Insta­gram chan­nel or Face­book page, and you’ll soon real­ize that Andreas is also a real pro in social media. To com­plete his exem­plary online pres­ence, he deserves his own per­son­al web­site in style. 


Creative & Art Direction

Stefan Prosch

Idea & Concept

Stefan Prosch


Stefan Prosch

Web Development

Stefan Prosch